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On THE GLASS MENAGERIE at Pittsburgh Public Theater:


"Wake’s crackled cadence, befuddled stare, and unsettled demeanor, coupled with a debilitating physical presence that cries for humanity, makes for a gut-wrenching performance that takes your breath away."


-PGH Collective


"Wake's depiction of Laura awakened the memory referred to in the opening is something primal.  Whatever ails sweet Laura, Wake invokes."


-Megan Grabowski, Roving Pittsburgher Report



"Cathryn Wake as Laura has, perhaps, the hardest job in the cast...yet, Wake's performance is quite effective and her character's sincerity is keenly felt throughout."


-Chris Bondi, Times Online

Photo: PPT

Photo: Seth Freeman

On THE SECOND GIRL at The Contemporary American Theater Festival:


"What makes it a comedy more than anything else is Cathryn Wake's electrifying performance as Cathleen, a confection of flashing eyes, red hair, a tell-the-truth-and-shame-the-devil attitude, and naked ambition.  Her vivacity is inescapable..."


-Jack L. B. Gohn, Broadway World



"Cathryn Wake is delightfully precocious and confident as Cathleen, Bridget's niece and the high spirited younger maid.  Wake was wonderfully flirtatious and vivacious as a spitfire Irish girl who dreams of becoming an actress."


-Johnna Leary, Broadway World



"Cathryn Wake, meanwhile, has entirely too much fun as the scenery-chewing Cathleen, with stentorian deliveries of Shakespeare that seem taken right off the old 78's.  And yet it is the joyfulness of her ambition which renders Cathleen's later reversal of fortune all the more affecting, and Wake keeps you riveted as she contemplates what she has lost."


-Andrew White, MD Theatre Guide

On THE OTHER JOSH COHEN at Paper Mill Playhouse:


"Cathryn Wake does nicely in a number of roles. Moreover, [she] is a dynamo moving about the stage superbly playing a boatload of instruments, some of which appear larger than she is.  Among her instruments are guitar, clarinet and saxophone."

-Bob Rendell, Talkin' Broadway


"And the audience loved Cathryn Wake, especially at the end.  This woman exudes sweetness and light onstage, and made us cry."


-Debbie L. Hochberg, Essex News Daily



"Cathryn Wake stuns with her musical versatility while neatly moving through her roles."


-Marina Kennedy, Broadway World



"Cathryn Wake is polished on a variety of instruments, including woodwinds, and likable in an important role revealed late in the show."

-Ronni Reich, The Star-Ledger

Photo: Billy Bustamante

Photo: SuzAnne Barabas

On THE SEEDBED at New Jersey Repertory Company:


"Ms. Wake is outstanding.  Maggie has something to hide, and whatever it may be is a constant just below her surface.  Being able to read her expressive face is an advantage of an intimage auditorium.  Maggie is toting a ton of baggage, but Wake keeps her free from histrionics or artifice."

-Phillip Dorian, Scene on Stage


"No less impressive is Cathryn Wake's Maggie, who brings a youthful energy and a hint of rebellious spirit to the script."


-Michael T. Mooney, New Jersey Footlights



"And Cathryn Wake plays their eighteen-year-old daughter Maggie, whose confusion and resentment are tangible throughout the course of the performance."


-Tyler Plosia, Stage Buddy